Matterkind · Voligoma · Argentina

Voligoma launched its “back to school” ad with Taggify

The argentine company advertised its school adhesive Voligoma, ideal for sticking paper and cardboard; demanded in multiple school activities.

The historical brand Akapol Voligoma trusted Taggify to launch its advertising campaign in pDOOH and increase its brand positioning.

The February and March campaigns, carried out in conjunction with Matterkind, were located in strategic areas near schools, subways and kiosks, considering CABA and GBA as their focus. The goal was to reach students and parents, its main audience targets

Their ads were displayed at different times in the morning and afternoon, thanks to Taggify's Dayparting and DSP timezone features. They were regularly updated to maintain freshness and relevance, using a combination of images and text to convey a clear message about the product.

As a result, Voligoma obtained more than three million impacts during its time in circulation on Taggify's programmatic platform, effectively reaching its audience.