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Demand Side Platform Programmatic DOOH.

Forecast, Execute, Deliver & Optimize with a platform that mix the best of digital and offline worlds.

Outdoor Audience Targeting

Reach your audience at the right time and place they are.

Digital Out of Home audience accuracy targeting.

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Pacing Rhythm

Pacing Buying Rhythm

DSP DOOH Rhythm pacing is a great feature to buy as fast as possible on every available spot if you have a very accurate and a narrow range hour.

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Buying Rules

Buy only in specific moments

Our buying rules will make your campaign more accurate and your ad creative more relevant engaging at least 67% more than traditional ads.

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Flexible Day Parting

Day Parting

Hand-Pick days of the week and specific range hours with this simple feature for DOOH Advertising

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Nearby screens according a geofence

Go Hyperlocal or go Home

Target the best screens according the proximity of a store or point of interest

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Timezone Settings

Timezone Settings for Programmatic DOOH

Timezone selection will allow your campaign buy at a desired time-zone according the campaign location.

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