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Croatia's major retailer announces new vacancies with Taggify in DOOH

Thanks to Taggify's DSP Platform, Pevex developed its outdoor advertising strategy focused on a specific target audience, eradicated Croatians in Argentina, thus impacting the best programmatic screens.

The outdoor advertising campaign (pDOOH) was developed in Buenos Aires. Pevex is the first Croatian retail chain, with 34 years in the market, standing out for its products for the construction industry.


Pevex wanted to find new employees for their company in Argentina through outdoor advertising


In partnership with agency Star Digital, the strategy utilized the following features of Taggify's DSP platform.

  • Precise audience targeting: The ads were shown at the right time when Croatian audiences and their descendants living in Argentina were circulating in front of the screens. This improved the accuracy and effectiveness of the ads using programmatic advertising.
  • Key locations and large screens: The campaign focused on the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, in neighborhoods such as Belgrano, Colegiales, Palermo, Saavedra, Villa Crespo, and San Justo, covering a vast area close to its target audience.
  • Displays that stand out in digital outdoor: Pevex relied on the wide variety of formats available in Taggify, thus using screens located in shopping malls, subway accesses, and strategic locations such as the Obelisk in Buenos Aires.
As a result, the brand achieved 15 million impacts and increased job applications for its job offers, thanks to the audience data provided by programmatic outdoor advertising on Taggify's platform.