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Topper's DOOH campaign achieves national impact with Taggify

To achieve greater visibility and attract its target audience, Topper decided to run an advertising campaign on Taggify's digital outdoor advertising platform.

Sports brand Topper managed to stand out with a remarkable three-month campaign that combined the innovation of digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) and the effectiveness of Taggify's DSP platform.

This strategy was based on using large LED screens, totems, street furniture and strategically selected parking meters during August, September and October. To develop the campaign, it partnered with the agency Matterkind.

Topper's campaign was deployed in key locations throughout Argentina, including the provinces of Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Córdoba, Mendoza, San Juan, Neuquén and the most important neighborhoods of the Federal Capital. This strategy allowed the campaign to become a national phenomenon, reaching a broad spectrum of consumers and generating a significant impact.

Creativity played a key role in Topper's campaign. The brand used ads with protagonists that resembled its target audience, which generated sympathy and an emotional connection. In addition, Topper announced its collaboration with Cher Mix, an apparel brand, which gave the campaign an added touch of mass appeal and notoriety.

Topper, an iconic sportswear brand established in Argentina, has always had as its main objective the union of fashion and sport, offering products that combine comfort, design and color. The brand is marketed in several South American countries, including Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, where it offers a wide range of products, from footwear to clothing, including sports equipment for soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis and volleyball.

The campaign achieved 15,336 impressions and an impressive total of 4,621,595 impacts. Topper reached its target audience effectively and has proven that digital outdoor advertising can be a powerful tool to drive brand awareness and campaign success.