Discover how programmatic outdoor advertising consolidates in 2023


Outdoor advertising continues to grow and this is reflected in its firm consolidation in investments, reaching 6.5% in 2023. In this article, we review the industry news.

Last update: August 17, 2023

The digital outdoor advertising landscape is becoming increasingly prosperous, thanks to the development of automation technology, the use of data and artificial intelligence, advertisers can make smarter decisions and run more successful campaigns. This is reflected in the larger budget being invested year-on-year in DOOH.

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Advancing technology and increasingly accurate data make programmatic advertising a better opportunity for campaigning, as opposed to traditional media. In terms of percentages, Latin America is the fastest growing region in programmatic Out-of-Home advertising.

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Thanks to the advent of programmatic platforms, such as Taggify, OOH outdoor advertising is integrated with programmatic (pDOOH). In this way, outdoor audiences can be calculated reliably and with tracking data. Currently, it can be pinpointed using the same metrics that make sense to a digital marketer.

The demonstrable impact and capabilities of DOOH position it as a channel with superior market share aspirations as an advertising medium. The outdoor market is growing steadily, due to increased circulation in cities after the pandemic years. In addition, the displacement of traditional advertising channels, coupled with the overexposure that generates “blindness” in social media advertising, anticipates that the outdoor market will continue to grow, gaining market share.

The adoption of advanced technology will further optimize the sector, improving its expectations. And with the generation of value for advertisers always in mind as a model to follow, DOOH will continue on this prosperous path in the coming years.