Matterkind · La Gotita · Argentina

Get to know the national campaign of La Gotita in DOOH

During June and July, the instant home improvement adhesive brand made an outstanding impact on its target audience.

La Gotita chose Taggify's DSP platform and marketing agency Matterkind to place its campaign on strategic screens in Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta, Rosario, Buenos Aires and Gran Buenos Aires. In this way, thanks to a unique out-of-home digital programmatic platform, the brand extended its presence nationwide.

The campaign, which was active in both months, used a total of 24 screens, which were divided into outdoor and indoor spaces.

The ads were shown on screens located on highways, big LEDs, kiosks, totems and shopping malls. Thus demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of DOOH, which offers multiple media to display ads.

In this case, La Gotita used static images and videos that sought to generate closeness with the audience, highlighting the daily use of the product. The ads included calls to action to encourage the use of the product.

La Gotita reached its target audience accurately and successfully reached its existing customers. At the same time, it increased brand awareness, thanks to the audience targeting capabilities of Taggify's platform. The DSP platform enabled efficient planning, targeting, optimization and measurement of campaign impact.

The accurate measurement of Taggfiy's DSP platform allowed the campaign to receive real-time data about its performance. By knowing when and where the ads were shown on each of the screens, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of the campaign could be improved. This was essential to optimize the budget and obtain better results.

La Gotita is an Argentine instant glue that has been produced for years, helping to repair objects easily. The brand has a great recognition throughout the country and thanks to programmatic advertising (pDOOH) can maintain a constant presence in the outdoor media in a simple way.

As a result of the campaign, 9,721 optimized and highly effective impressions were generated thanks to programmatic. Thus, the brand achieved a high average number of impressions in the different screens selected, reaching 2,605,668 people in an impactful and effective way.