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Discover the power of DOOH with this Pepsi and Taggify campaign

Pepsi decided to leverage the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to promote its innovative and refreshing Pepsi Black line, the zero-sugar version of the well-known brand.

The campaign generated great recognition in the minds of consumers and managed to capture the attention of the target audience in the city of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe during the month of June.

The brand, manufactured by Pepsico, strategically selected digital screens in key locations such as the Obelisk, subways, kiosks, totems and big screens available in Taggify's inventory, thus gaining access to key points of interest, high traffic and audience traffic.

The ads highlighted the refreshing Pepsi black: they showed attractive images and videos of people enjoying their drink in different environments. The combination of dynamic and strategic advertising helped to strengthen Pepsi's ever-challenging and disruptive brand image.

Pepsi's outdoor advertising campaign (OOH) was characterized by its impactful message, as the brand is accustomed to. To achieve this, it made use of the functionalities of Taggify's DSP platform that allows the use of dynamic content, which generates greater engagement.

In addition, the campaign took advantage of pDOOH's programmatic features to adapt and change ads in real time. This allowed Pepsi to show different creatives of young people, its target audience, in different everyday situations, choosing Pepsi, and thus seek identification with its audience.

The U.S. brand has been marketed since 1898, although it began to be sold under another name, changing to Pepsi in 1093. PepsiCo, the parent company, is one of the world's largest food and beverage companies and markets a wide range of products under the Pepsi brand, including Pepsi-Cola, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Zero Sugar and other variants.

At the end of the campaign, Pepsi was able to measure its success through impact and impression metrics. Demonstrating that programmatic outdoor advertising with Taggify is a powerful tool that provides effective metrics to measure and optimize the marketing strategies of brands and agencies. The campaign achieved a total of 6,333 impressions and reached almost three million people: 2,918,507 impacts. Generating a high level of interest and improving brand awareness and recall in its audience, which was its main objective.