Matterkind · Supervielle · Argentina

Visual real-time impact: Banco Supervielle's programmatic campaign in Buenos Aires

To carry out this campaign, they partnered with advertising agency Matterkind and used Taggify's DOOH programmatic platform to programmatically display ads on totem poles and kiosks.

Banco Supervielle, a leading bank in Argentina, promoted its lending services for SMEs during the month of June.

The campaign was developed in the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, San Nicolás and Retiro, which are highly trafficked and receive numerous people on a daily basis.

The main objective of this campaign was to increase awareness and educate the public about Banco Supervielle's services. The choice of these neighborhoods allowed the company to segment its audience according to its advertising objectives, targeting people with a medium-high purchasing power.

Supervielle, which has been providing financial services in Argentina since 1887, worked on creating dynamic ads using the DSP platform to adapt messages according to the profile and interests of the target audience. With Taggify's DOOH programmatic platform, the ads were displayed dynamically and allowed for personalized messages to be communicated according to location and time, maximizing the campaign's relevance and impact.

The ad's message advertised the bank's financing for SMEs of up to 8 million pesos, with the benefits of applying online, quickly and solving the needs of different companies. This strategy significantly improved campaign efficiency and generated greater engagement and response from the target audience.

The collaboration between Banco Supervielle and Taggify's DOOH programmatic platform resulted in a successful campaign that reached a total of 10,942 impressions during the 26-day duration. The final impact of the campaign was 1,631,965, which exceeded initial expectations.