Taggify Lands in Panama to Innovate Outdoor Programmatic Advertising


Taggify announced its arrival in Panama, opening an exciting new chapter in the world of outdoor advertising in this Central American country.

Last update: December 13, 2023

This strategic expansion, allows brands and agencies to make the most of their advertising investments and reach local audiences directly through strategically placed outdoor digital billboards.

The door to this new opportunity was opened thanks to the collaboration with Grupo Vallas, a key player in the Central American display advertising landscape.

Their significant presence in the region will facilitate Taggify's seamless integration into the Panamanian market, offering brands a platform to launch highly effective advertising campaigns.

Taggify's entry into Panama provides brands with the opportunity to customize their campaigns according to their objectives, such as targeting specific days and times.

The strategic placement of the screens ensures maximum visibility and exceptional advertising impact. Taggify's arrival in Panama represents an exciting step forward in its expansion into the world of outdoor advertising.